11 Horrifying Questions You Should Never Ask In An Interview

11 Horrifying Questions You Should Never Ask In An Interview

Most of us have our go-to list of questions prepped and ready to whip out at the job interview. These questions usually range from what the company culture is like to questions about the organizational structure and how you can best add value to the team. Asking smart questions (even when you don’t even really have any added questions to ask) show that you are prepared, interested in the position and company, and above all, demonstrate your character. Hiring managers can get a good feel to see if you’d be the right fit for the job based off of the questions you ask on your interview, in the heat of the moment.

With all of that said, we know how stressful the interview process can be. It’s very easy to get flustered under pressure, especially if you feel the interview isn’t going as well as you hoped. We’ve heard horror stories of out of body experiences, literally cringing at yourself as a slightly odd question slips off your tongue.

We talked to a few hiring managers that partner with Crowded and we asked them for the weirdest and downright worst questions they have been asked by an interviewee. We compiled this list based on the shocking results so you can avoid some very awkward reactions, and so you have a better chance of making it to the next round of interviews!

Here are 11 questions that you should always avoid asking on a job interview.

*Warning: the below list is more horrifying than catching the glare of Michael Meyers in your bushes on Halloween…

  1. Are there any other positions in a different department opening soon?

  2. How long before I can ask for a raise?

  3. Are you voting for Trump?

  4. Do you guys have a good legal team?

  5. Do we get free catered lunch?

  6. What religion are you?

  7. How long is the typical lunch break?

  8. Do you monitor internet usage?

  9. Do you guys ever really care what questions we ask anyway?

  10. How much longer before the interview is over?

  11. How ‘bout those Yankees?

Ok. That last one was not a real question that someone asked during an interview. We slipped that in for laughs to lighten the horrifying mood. If you walk out of the interview and have avoided asking any of these questions, then you are in good shape. If you need help figuring out what you should be asking in an interview, we have your back. See: 11 Questions You Should Always Ask In An Interview




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